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Mushamir Mustafa is the founder of Humans of Kuala Lumpur (HOKL), a popular photojournalism platform where he photographs and interviews the people of KL and their stories to portray the transformation, changes and diversity of Malaysians. The first in Malaysia, his work has been viewed by 22 million Malaysians, with 132,000 followers to the page, and featured on all major Malaysian media outlets as well as inspired other similar ‘Humans Of’ around Malaysia. He now leads a team of 21 storytellers and videographers.


Having touched on several topics from the the homeless people, the Teddy Mobile Clinic, stroke victims, cancer survivors, the importance of public transportation, and going with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on a trip around Sarawak documenting underprivileged women and girls in remote, rural areas facing health and living problems, HOKL has transformed into being a storytelling advocacy platform. His first major corporate client was Prasarana, owner of Rapid KL, Malaysia’s  biggest public transport service operator.



Mushamir has worked with the following project partners and clients : Prasarana (RapidKL), UNFPA Malaysia (United Nations Population Fund), UNESCO Sudan (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Julie’s Biscuits (nation wide exhibitions held at shopping malls), NCSM (National Cancer Society Malaysia), Lokal Lense (under 1Malaysia.com.My, Prime Minister’s Office), Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC), KL International Portrait Photoawards  and MalaysiaKini.



HOKL has been featured on The Star, BFM 98.9, Young Corporate Malaysians, Poskod.my, MixFM, Oriental Daily, Coffeeticks, OddOneOut Magazine, World of Buzz, The Vocket, Says.My, OhBulan! and Malaysian Digest. The project was also a finalist at the  DIGI WWWOW Awards in the Social Movement/Gathering category. Mushamir has also been featured on Young Corporate Malaysians and selected by the Prime Minister in a roundtable talk on how to improve the Arts & Culture Scene in Malaysia with major Malaysian figures including Malaysian cartoonist Datuk Lat.  He was also selected as a TEDx Speaker and presented on “How Storytelling Can Change The World And Make An Impact”.


Mushamir grew up in 5 countries including Bangladesh, Brazil, Kosovo and Namibia and studied International Relations with French at the University of Nottingham. Mushamir was also a speaker for TEDx Taylor’s College, where he presented on ‘How Storytelling Can Change The World’, and gives career talks on the fields of journalism and social media marketing, as well as photography workshops to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Sudanese Media Centre.


He is also the Founder of Vintook Photography and Videography Services and was formerly a Group Corporate Communications Executive with Affin Hwang Capital (Investment Bank and Asset Management) and before that as a photojournalist with Malaysian Digest.



TEDx Taylor’s College 2016 Speaker on ‘How Storytelling Can Change the World

Largest solo photography exhibition in Sudan in partnership with the UNESCO Sudan and Malaysian Embassy

Selected by the Prime Minister in a roundtable talk on improving the Arts & Culture scene in Malaysia

Finalist and Top 5 at DIGI WWWOW Awards in Social Movement / Gathering Category

Nottingham University Vice Chancellor’s Achievement Award 2014 for exceptional achievement

Original Oratory Award of Excellence at a regional interscholastic speech making competition in Taipei (IASAS ’10)


Dean’s Scholarship Award at Richmond International American University in London


Interesting Tidbits
Cycled solo from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in 5 days Father was Malaysian Ambassador to Kosovo, Namibia and the Sudan (His Excellency Mr Mustafa Haji Mansor) PADI Advanced Open Water License Third Culture Kid Have traveled to 35 countries Owns 5 bicycles Owns 26 watches Collects antiques, Hotwheels, action figures Talks about watches on Youtube Obsessed about new technology/products Owns 2 lightsabers Zoo Volunteer at Zoo Negara



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